ARMA_AC Arma 3 anti cheat & admin menu by
Description: Arma_ac is an anti hack "scripts only" project with an admin menu , easy to use and configure . At the beginning it was just an anti cheat for my own server but after the server has closed . 1 year later i just wanted to share my old project , i updated it a little and here i'm. According to the MIT license , you are completly free to copy , modify and use all the scripts in this anti hack , you just need to keep my name in the project. Features: 

-Admin menu Logs menu with all the AC logs displayed. Admin menu to adminisrate the players (heal,kill,ban,kick,...). Objects creation menu : allow the admin to spawn vehicles , objects , weapons. Console menu where you can enter script lines. Config file maker , helps the user to create his config.hpp file , really easy to use. -Anti cheat Allowed weapons system. Allowed vehicles system. Chat filtering system : can filter ip , url , words entered by the user in the chat bar. Variables detection system : will eject the user with the non listed variables. Allowed displays system : users with uncorrect displays will be kicked. Bad files system : detect cheat files in the arma 3 folder. Installation: Create a description.ext file in your mission folder and add this code :
  view plain #include "ARMA_AC\config.hpp" #include "ARMA_AC\Menu\Menus\menus.hpp"     Note : some conflits can happen with the mp_config.hpp if the CfgRemoteExec class already exists , to fix it just merge the content of the 2 classes in 1. Don't forget to add your UID to the config.hpp file in admins[] , and check the config.hpp file . Create a init.sqf file in your mission folder and add this code :
  view plain #define AC_FOLDER (getText (missionConfigFile >> "ARMA_AC" >> "folder"))   if(isServer) then {     [] execVM (AC_FOLDER + "\initServer.sqf");     if(hasInterface) then {     waitUntil {       !isNil "ac_fnc_log"     };     [] execVM (AC_FOLDER + "\initClient.sqf");   }; }else{    [] execVM (AC_FOLDER + "\initClient.sqf"); };   Then copy the Arma_AC folder in your arma 3 mission. There is an example mission included with the download.

Notes:   This project is compatible with aclogger an extension who creates .log files for arma 3 (this is recommanded to install it but not necessary) .   Project link (github) : with more infos . Download link (github) :   You can contact me on . Do not hesitate to tell me if there are bugs , performance problems or other things , ...   I didn't really know where to post this thread , it's not a mission , it's not a single script , it's not really server administration , ... so tell me if it's in the wrong place .