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[SP/MP] OPEX : Opérations Extérieures - new dynamical task generator introducing the French Army

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Hi Gemini, not sure if you saw my post on VCOM AI 3.x on Steam (Kunduz version). However, I think something else doesn't work proerly (or it's intended). Whenever I want to check a civilian's ID Card via interaction menu, nothing happens. Some say they don't have papers with them, ok. But others don't say anything - and they don't have any papers in their inventory. Do I have to carry any other object to be able to check IDs? For the bio scan the scanner item is required. But that one works properly. Thx


Edit: Playing on Lythium. I've been checking civilians at the given location for about 1.5 hours, and none of them is carrying anything except clothes and a hat. No IDs, no suspicous items, nothing. Even the dead enemies have some food items or something in their inventory, but civilians do have nothing... Is that intended?

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