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T-14 Armata style tank

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I have created some tanks during the last months.

The final production includes my try to add an T-14 Armata tank to Cold War Assault:



The model is not 100% exact. The interrior is pure phantasy, the front wheels position is not exact and the turrets front is too big etc.

But further improvements are blocked by my new job, so I deceided to finish the addon and release it:


Mediafire DL-link modemmaik's T-14 Armata v1.01



ModemMaik's T14 Armata v1.0
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License

required OFP-Version: 1.96
required addons: None

mission addon name: "MODEM_T14"
mission patch name: "MODEM_T14_EXT"
Mission editor's container: "T14 Armata / Armored / East"
weapons: "modem_T14_2A46","MachineGun7_6"
magazines: "modem_T14_Heat125","modem_T14_APFS125","modem_T14_HeFrag125","MachineGun7_6"

Changes & Fixes:
- Added named sections display to MFDs
- Tracks damage display corrected
- Icon added
- Cargolight added
- Visual LOD: Inner hatch texture changed
- Increased 2A46 reload time from 5 to 7 seconds
- New sound for autoloader
- Fixed missing top texture on cargo handgrip
- Added missing visual LODs
- RPM display in cargo MFD removed

- Armata T-14 MBT model based on TAKOMs scale model (armor values based on WGL's T80 and Inq M1A2 SEP)
- MFD in cargo view displays damaged sections
- 2A46 Maingun (WGL-like version, based on documented values, not on the WGL 5.12 ingame values)
- ArmA sounds and tracks texture (APL licensed)
- alternative config: You may use MODEM_T14 for vanilla weapon config (T72 standard weapons) only (simply remove MODEM_t14_ext.pbo)
- 3BM48 125MM APFSDS DU magazine included ("modem_T14_APFS125_2") for actual tank hunter configuration.
  Replace modem_T14_APFS125 (BM-42M) magazine if you want to, but I count it as unbalanced to standard tanks.
  Because of this, I did not include it to the standard configuration.

- Model is not 100% exact (wheel positions, turret front face too big, etc.)

Credits to:
TAKOM modelscale sites for high res pictures (scalemodels.ru / panzer-model.de / moxing.net)
Marseille77, Sanctuary and Cubus for BW85 Pack and Tank Pack
OFP BWMod Team for their Bundeswehr Mod (reuse perm. by TeRp)
Burns, WGL.Q, Serclaes, Sauerbraten, [GLT]Sarge and King Homer @hx3.de for their support and material
FAB fabrice823 for his tutorials
WGL mod team (http://www.moddb.com/mods/wargames) for their great mod
ACE team (http://ace3mod.com/), successors of the former WGL team
BI (https://www.bistudio.com/) for their sample models
Wikipedia Project (en.wikipedia.org) for additional information

have fun and good luck,

I will not take any responsibility for crashed harddisks, sleepless nights, problems with your boy/girlfriend.
If the included content does not match your expected quality, use the "delete"-feature provided with your operating system...


I have also released the sources if anybody feels interested:

Mediafire DL-link modemmaik's T-14 Armata sources


The sources include MLOD, config and multilayer textures for PaintDotNet.


If you feel interested in the other tanks, most related to heavy 60s Bundeswehr equipment, check the armed-assault.de forums


Have Fun,


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