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[AUS] 9th Royal Queensland Regiment

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The 9th Royal Queensland Regiment (9RQR) is a small military/realism simulator in Australia. We are looking to have a fun time while being realistic. Our Unit is currently deployed in Chernarus aiding the Russian Government regain control from the Chernarus Defence Force.



  • 14+ (Exceptions can be made)
  • Can attend at least 3/4 ops a month. Operations are held at 8pm AEST on Friday nights.
  • Understand English and have a working mic.
  • Willingness to download our mods in order to play our servers
  • Legitimate copy of ARMA III 

How to apply?

Head over to our website to apply



Post Application Acceptance

After you application is accepted one of our recruiters (should have a | 9RQR name) will add you on steam to further discuss your application and give you the appropriate information.



We are currently filling Infantry roles, in the future we are hoping to expand to Aviation, Recon and Engineering.






Lt. Macoy Johnston

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