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-SRBN- Saber Battalion [Recruiting!]

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About Us: We are a small group of players looking to grow our unit into the public scene with focus on milsim but on a casual level for those who do not wish to follow a military type structure.


We do not do training missions/sessions/etc as a requirement. If you would like to request a training session you can contact me directly.


Most of our missions rely on a zeus player whilst everyone else participates in the op. These ops will never be over the type unless majority rules for it. These are meant to be casual and non strenuous, but fun!



We use RHS as a basis for our equipment and units. We also are expanding into using Iron Front assets as well.



You must be at least 18+ to join, exceptions can be made after an interview process.


Other Req:

You must own a microphone, ArmA 3 and ArmA 3 APEX



Steam Community Page


email at sasdeathrite@gmail.com





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