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Task Force Blackheart

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Task Force Blackheart is an active multinational ARMA 3 group founded in September 2015. Like most ARMA 3 units we are like-minded players who wish to implement real life tactics, techniques, and procedures into high quality cooperative missions, while avoiding ranks and required training courses for positions.

At TF Blackheart we do not have ranks, official positions, or set squads. We are a group of players. During our weekly operations we allow our senior members to sign up for senior level leadership, and our newer players sign up for junior level leadership. We give everyone a fair shot at everything until they fuck it up.

Every Saturday night at 2000z we all get together to play our cooperative missions that are typically made as part of a larger deployment. We also play a variety of cooperatives and team versus team during the week.



If you're interested in applying to play at Task Force Blackheart, you must meet the below requirements.

  • You must be at least 16 years of age

  • You must own a working microphone and both speak and understand English

You must be able to attend at least 4 mission nights in a month

You must never bring the TF Blackheart name into disrepute on any public forums while a member

You must be a mature individual with a very open sense of humor


Joining Process

Step 1 - Application

Fill in the application form. Your application will be picked up by one of the recruitment team and will be reviewed. Typically, this will take 48 hours. However, if we are experiencing a high volume of applications, this may take considerably longer.

Step 2 - Initial Training

New recruits must complete the Basic Infantry Skills training package; this is the only training course that is done at TF Blackheart. This course lasts approximately 2 hours and is designed to teach some basic infantry skills and ensure all members are on the same page.

Step 3 - Probationary Period

Upon completion of the Basic Infantry Skills course you will be on probation for your first two operations. Once the Recruitment team is happy with your performance you will be tagged as an official member of Task Force Blackheart.

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