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AI CAS? (not support module)

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Hi there.  I'm dabbling in getting more serious with the editor and scripting, and I was wondering if there's a way to get an AI A-164, or any platform to perform more precise CAS than with the support module?  I'd like to be able to play a JTAC role in an SP mission, and have use for more than just the laser target designator.  So what I am trying to figure out are possibilities for different signals.  Is there any way, for example, to fire a red smoke shell in the vicinity of the enemy, and then call on the radio to have the CAS perform a gun or rocket run on the smoke/targets near the smoke?  Or have a helicopter land on green smoke?  Or designate a safe ingress direction for an AI aircraft so they don't get shot down en route?

My vision is of a mission where at some point you are being overwhelmed, and have to call in CAS to help beat down the onslaught of enemy infantry and vehicles, but just lasing for LGBs doesn't have the same effect as calling in for gun runs on smoke markers or GPS coordinates, giving a 9 line, etc.

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Probably "reveal" is the command you are looking for.


It will make your plane automatically know the position of any desired unit / vehicle.


So if, for example you script your CAS on a dropped smoke grenade, you may script the nade position as destination of the plane and reveal all nearby units to the plane.

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Yes, it's possible but not easy. You can use the "fired" event handler to get the smoke shell but then it gets harder. To make a chopper land on it, you'll need to create an invisible helipad on its location and write a pick up script. Something like

_heli doMove _helipadPos;

sleep 3;

while { (_heli distance _helipadPos > 260) and (alive _heli) } do { sleep 4; };
doStop _heli;
_heli land "GET IN"; 
while { (({_x in _heli} count units group player) != (count units group player)) and (alive _heli) } do { sleep 1; };

_heli doMove markerPos "exit";
while { (_heli distance2D markerPos "exit" > 2000) and (alive _heli) } do { sleep 4; };
if ((alive player) and (alive target)) then {[] execVM "missionEnd.sqf";};

To make a Wipeout attack it is even worse, you'll need to create a laser marker at its location (or better yet, the location of nearby enemy units)

_laserT = createVehicle ["LaserTargetW", [0,0,0], [], 0, "NONE"];

and delete it when done.

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