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I don't know much about scripting and have no idea about developing kind of stuff but i can say i am a good EDEN user.


Both "PRESENT" and "NOT PRESENT" settings -i guess whole trigger thing- are not working on Dedicated Server at 1.62


Is it a known bug or something i miss? Because it is working at local.


Any help would really be appreciated, thanks in advance.



(FYI, Steam ARMA3 1.62.x also DEV user at 1.65.138056 )

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You've not given any example code/mission so idk what you're trying to achieve.


Its probably something you've missed - Understanding the locality of commands that only run locally (i.e. on the server in dedi not showing the results to players) and not globally is something most of us learn too late.


Since you're saying it works locally, I'd guess it was something to related to this.

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