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SBSGU is a British Special Forces unit for ArmA 3 and based on the  Special Boat Service.
We are a Realism unit and as such focus on keeping our methods and
tactics as close to realistic as we can while also keeping things a fun
as possible. We operate on Mutual Respect and request those that join
respect whomever is running the Mission to stay on task.


Being based around British and  Special Forces we have a coherent rank
structure with Ranks given to those who are willing to put the effort in
and make the Unit better. Rank is not a requirement to have a chance at
leading a team nor does it entitle anyone to any ‘special’ treatment.
With Rank comes Responsibility.


Our mission and training nights are

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

The basic requirements to join SBSGU;
                • Have a valid copy of ArmA 3.
                • Aged 18+.
                • Have a working Microphone.
                • Be able to attend at least one ArmA night a week.

Things we do





We have our own dedicated selection course set up to firstly teach those that need it and then to test candidates on things like navigation and shooting, it also gets people working on their own aswell as in a team.

The course is split into different phases and is run over a two week period.

More on the course will be explained once an application has been accepted.





As Special Boat Service this is our bread and butter and dedicate most of our time to different maritime tasks

Such as:

-Anti piracy

-Submarine Exit and Re entry (E&RE)

-Small boat tactics (using our own specially made kayaks)

-Beach RECCE

-water infil/exfil by hely

-HALO into Water

-Underwater navigation

-working with submersibles

Once a candidate has passed selection he then goes onto the Swimmer canoeist course





This is how you earn your wings once badged  a swimmer canoeist goes onto continuation training which includes HALO/HAHO

Jungle training and other skill trades such as medic, dems ect.


What now ?

Anyone interested can register on our website http://sbsgu.co.uk

and fill in the application on the forums.


Need more info ?

Either PM me on here or

add me on steam SBS-Gaz

jump onto our  teamspeak  :

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