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Allah Akbar

Keep getting kicked after a few seconds

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I'm trying to join a server and I join successfully. When I load in the game, I either almost instantly get kicked or get kicked after a dozen seconds or so. I've:

- Re-installed Arma 3 twice

- Deleted the mission file to the server (didn't fix)

- Restarted Router

- Flushed DNS

- Deleted Addons and verified integrity

- Manually re-installed Battleye

- Deleted Mods

- Restarted PC

- Bought a new copy on a separate account


I bought a new copy of Arma 3 after I was tired of this issue, only for it to persists.

Knowing this is client-sided, I still can't verify the issue.


Most recent RPT file:


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Hello guys, thanks for the feedback.

Did any of you try to switch to the profiling branch to see whether this helps? Profiling branch should also provide more info in the rpt and additional logs so if you can, please try to give it a shot and should it happen again, please try to upload your RPTs here.


Of course, a Feedback Tracker ticket will be appreciated. Should you wish to create one, do so and then ping me here so I can check it out.


Thnaks :)

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If you could please provide some RPT-Files, that should make it easier to find the problem and see if everyone hast the same issue.

Also check what Addons the server requires, whic map/mission it is running.

Thank you



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