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from some time I really wanted to create public mod with custom compositions for Zeus and Eden Editor.
I know how to save custom compositions using editor which then saves here : C:\Users\*******\Documents\Arma 3\compositions.
Question is how to put the compositions file into a mod that can be loaded and used my editor and zeus.
I tried using this this tutorial:
I'd like to create  something like this:
What i Did:

name = "Konkel's";
picture = "icon.paa";
actionName = "Website";
action = "http://armann.eu.org/";
tooltip = "Konkel's 0.9.0";
overview = "Public custom Composition/Templates for Zeus and Eden Editor, Enjoy";
author = "Konkel";

config.cpp (after conversion its KONKEL_COMP.pbo)


class CfgPatches{
    class KONKEL_COMP
        units[] = {};
        weapons[] = {};
        requiredVersion = 0.1;
        requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Modules_F", "A3_Modules_F_Curator"};

class CfgGroups
    class Empty
        side = 8;
        name = "[K]Compositions";
        class by_X39
            name = "Military";
            class FOBs
                name = "Interior";
                class ION_FOB_ALPHA
                    name = "office v1";
                    class Object1 {side=8;vehicle="CUP_office_chair";rank="";position[]={-0.544922,0.242188,-0.00143909};dir=130.046;};
                    class Object2 {side=8;vehicle="CUP_office_chair";rank="";position[]={-1.49316,0.172363,-0.00143909};dir=179.676;};
                    class Object3 {side=8;vehicle="Land_TableDesk_F";rank="";position[]={-1.69409,1.25586,-0.00140047};dir=359.997;};
                    class Object4 {side=8;vehicle="CUP_office_chair";rank="";position[]={-2.27905,0.204102,-0.00143909};dir=179.676;};
                    class Object5 {side=8;vehicle="Land_ChairWood_F";rank="";position[]={-1.6604,1.9248,-0.00143147};dir=0.01582;};
                    class Object6 {side=8;vehicle="MapBoard_stratis_F";rank="";position[]={0.440186,2.59619,-0.00359297};dir=34.1436;};


I Get this error : EKYNYqL.png

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There is a syntax error somewhere (e.g. missing bracket or whatever).

If you want, you can just copy paste code from here and adjust them with your needs:



I don't know if your are familiar with the preprocessor #include "<file path>", but it just means that you copy paste the content of that file at that position.

This is a good way to structure your add-on.

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