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Kicked - Signature Check Failed

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I've had this problem for about two weeks now, I can't figure out how to fix it.


I am getting kicked from multiplayer servers, usually modded, but not always.  I am being kicked for Signature Check Failed/invalid/etc.  The errors are from a3 items, a3 expansion items, mod items, doesn't matter.  I rejoin the server, get kicked for a3.  Kicked for JSRS.  Kicked for RHS.  Kicked for a3.


I will basically continue to be kicked until I am no longer being kicked, usually within 20-60s of joining a server.  This will occur on average 4 times, but I've seen anywhere from 1-15 kicks.  Rarely I will be kicked past the period of the 'kickings' where after 1-2 hours, I will be kicked again when it seemed like things were going good.


I have performed the following steps - they have all failed:


1) Verifying game cache

2) Deleting pbo's/signature files for Arma 3, verifying cache

3) Re-installing Arma 3

4) Re-installing mods

5) Getting signature files from friends

6) Getting signature files from Armaholic

7) Verified SSD integrity, passed

8) Moved shadowplay temp recordings to HDD

9) Deleting my in-game profile (a suggested fix, this is Arma after all, your profile probably controls whether or not you game even runs)

10) Deleting all data from $appdata$ pertaining to Arma 3

11) Verified a server I was attempting to play on was running verifysignatures = 1 and not = 2

12) Reinstalled BE (downloaded from website, deleted old information

13) Arma 3, BE, Arma 3 launcher all running as admin

14) Added specific filters to firewall for BE

15) Tested ping / jitter / packet loss to server(s), all within acceptable bounds (better than acceptable)

16) Deleted Arma 3 from SSD, installed back on HDD

17) Checked/tested my routers MTU, fine

18) Manually set MTU in clientside settings

19) Manually set proper load order for mods (compatibility -> Scenario -> peripherals -> content -> maps)

20) Moved back to SSD, tried using 2 different VPN's

21) Servers updated to latest infiSTAR

22) Changed port for BE on the server from 2300->2330

23) Deleted physx_x86.dll from Arma 3 folder, redownloaded

24) Opened WAN ports for Arma 3

25) Manually moved keys from mods into the keys folder

26) Mods were moved to a folder at the top of a drive, basically F:\\Arma 3 Mods 

27) Tried changing launcher config, turned off verifysignatures (it was finding 150+errors anyway) and logs to increase performance

28) Deleted all Arma 3 related files/folders.  Restarted PC.  Deleted all Arma 3 related registry information.  Restarted PC.  Deleted all BIS files/folders/registry, restarted.  Unsubbed from all Steam content, deleted all mods, everything.  Cleared/reset SSD.  

29) Installed fresh Arma 3.  Installed fresh mods.  Joined a server.  Kicked.

30) Got new SSD, reinstalled Windows, reinstalled all programs, Arma 3, mods, disabled anti-virus, not kicked.


My PC is as follows:


i5 4670K @4.1GHz


16Gb RAM

C:\\ SSD 60gb

E:\\ HDD 1Tb

F:\\ SSD (Arma 3) 240gb 

Windows 7 64b


I was able to play fine, on any server or with any mods, until I wasn't.  Even in Arma 2, I was never kicked for Signature check errors/fails.  I'm now over 3000 hours in Arma 3, and was also never kicked for fails/errors.  


This is a link to the error RPT.  If you notice, the mods basically all fail their checks. 




However, I was kicked for a signature check error for \structures_f_exp_industrial.ebo.  As you can see:


20:30:33 Signature tests for F:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\expansion\addons\structures_f_exp_industrial.ebo.a3.bisign PASSED!



I don't know what else to do.

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Hey, got the exact same problem and wonder how you fixed it or if you even fixed it.

I already tried the whole list of yours and hope I'll get a problem-solve here to play my favourite mod (Exile) again. :)





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After I completely reinstalled windows and steam/arma/software, importing no profile information or saves and having completely unsubscribed from mods on steam, etc.


The issue was fixed, it happened again later, and I disabled my anti-virus and it was fixed.  Haven't had the issue since, I have no real idea why it occurred.

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Thanks for your answere but sadly I have to say that I already did this and it didnt help.

So I have to search for another thing to solve this problem.

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