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Wheels not turning in visual lod

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Hello there!


I have trouble getting my truck driving properly, and I suspect it's a config error I've made. Right now I have 2 problems:


  1. The wheels are not turning, no matter what I do. In the visual LOD I've made selections for the wheels called "wheel_X_X_hide" as the example from Arma 3 Samples have done it. In the memory LOD I have defined a corresponding axis, containing 2 verts in a names selection called the wheels name with "_axis" at the end. For the front 2 wheels, which will be the steering ones, I have made another selection called "wheel_X_X_steering"
  2. My model are tilted a bit to the left in-game. I have no idea why, but it seems it ignores my LandContact LOD, since the wheels on the down-side are under ground. When I drive around in the truck, it seems like the Geometry LOD are hitting the ground. 


For each wheel this is defined:

  • wheel_X_X_hide                    - in the visual LOD
  • wheel_X_X_axis                    - in memory
  • wheel_X_X_steering              - in visual LOD
  • wheel_X_X_steering_axis      - in memory
  • wheel_X_X_damper               - in geometry
  • wheel_X_X_damper_land      - in LandContact
  • wheel_X_X_bound                    - in memory


Anyone who can spot what I'm missing? My config.cpp and model.cfg are almost identical with the one from the car sample, as I made a sanity-check not so long ago.

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landcontact lod for physx vehicles is only relevant for initial spawning. After that physX takes over


physx LOD should not contain wheels


Wheels rotate by model.cfg animations. If you do not have the proper animations declared, they won't turn.

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