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[SP] Escapists Grasp

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Mission - 2

Escapists Grasp 
Campaign Overview 
Sgt. Andrew Martinez... A normal soldier, until the Stratis incident hit and most of NATO was wiped out. He along with his fellow survivors must Retreat from an overwhelming enemy, Organise a force to be reckoned with and finally Act on the advantages gained. 
Mission Overview
Martinez has been captured by the AAF and is headed for Altis. Escape and find a way to safety.
Sgt. Andrew Martinez - Adrian Green 
SSgt. Michael Sanders - Scott Alsworth 
Cpt. Verga - Anne Luchtenveld
Sgt. O'Cardinal - Caboose (Jake)
General Help - BI Forums 
ArmA 3 itself - Bohemia Interactive

Custom voice acting
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