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Selod's Gaming Network

Selod's Gaming Network is a community of like-minded gamers regardless of platform or location. We’re looking for people who enjoy gaming and love to share their thoughts and experiences in those games. 

Our environment and atmosphere is casual with a roleplay mindset when in game, we believe in playing Arma 3 Life the right way with out bias. We have a close-knit community that everyone gets along with one another, we don't allow any negative gamers into our Network. 

We are looking for Seroius players, to play A3L the Right Way . 
We are currently looking for players to fill the following billets: 
EMS, LSO, and Civilian. 

If you have any questions come ask us, Here is our TS3 IP: or click here to submit a application [www.selodsgaming.com

Hope you all will come play with us on Lakeside. 
Best Regards, 
SGN Staff

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