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M. Quinn

[2PARA] 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, Delta Coy

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2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, Delta Coy
2 PARA is a UK based, UK themed Arma 3 Group that focuses on realism and less of ‘milsim’, still keeping things like a chain of command and realism modifications that enhance gameplay, however we differ from the whole ‘Yes-Sir, No-Sir’ Arma scene. Still keeping things such as arma-essential British Parachute Tactics and Formations.
Our Teamspeak: 2parareg.tsdns.info

       Our Base Requirements

  • Mature and Responsive, age to join is 16 and above.
  • Punctual and Active On Teamspeak and in the Steam Group and Website.
  • Able to download our modpack, Teamspeak 3, TFAR and own Arma 3.





Roles 2PARA can offer to new members within one month of joining

Rifleman are the Backbone of any Section, they will provide the "bog-standard" Infantry of any Unit. Rifleman can easily be deployed by the IC to fill many roles on the battlefield which is what makes them so important for the IC. For Example Rifleman can provide protection to more Specialized units. Being a Rifleman requires you to have a Mature mindset and be able to follow the commands of your IC's.
Automatic Rifleman
Automatic Rifleman carry the Minimi, they can put lots of lead down range quickly, making them a key tool for the Section IC in order for him to be able to suppress positions and deny the enemy movement.
Grenadiers are very similar to the Rifleman expect for they carry a UGL (Under Slung Grenade Launcher) which means they can put High Explosive rounds down range in order to deal massive amounts of damage to Infantry and Light Vehicles, they will also traditionally carry the ILAW AT Launcher for use against enemy vehicles and entrenched positions.
Combat Medical Technician
CMTs provide medical support to the sections. They are fully medically trained to deal with near all Medical situations that do not require CASEVAC. CMT's are the most essential member of the Section and therefor the IC's make sure to protect them from danger. CMTs require lots of knowledge of the ACE3 Medical System and have good judgement of things such as triage.
Designated Marksmen
DMRs are the, quote on quote, sharpshooters of the section. Whereas other members of the section are necessarily putting down substantial fire down range, suppressing the enemy, the DMR's role will be to hit targets accurately.
Update 08/08/2016:
We have just Successfully passed the 30 player mark and continue to grow rapidly. 

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