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Breaking Point No Entry ItemInfo.scope

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I had been hoping to discover Tanoa in Breaking Point.  As an environment gamer, the new setting will refresh the survival genre for me.


Unfortunately, I keep getting kicked from all servers because of a weapon.cfg related error.


Some poking around on the internet tells me that Bohemia have tightened the rules on letting errors go unresolved.  This is beyond my understanding of how programs work.


Is there a known fix for this problem?  I've verified Arma files through steam, and reinstalled the mod as admin, using this guide.




Still the error persists.


I am updated to Apex 1.62.


Thanks for any leads, or search terms you could suggest.



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Are you sure you have the latest version of the mod and does it work on old maps? Do you run other mods as well? Do other servers with old maps work?

here has been all kinds of updated features in Arma lately so mods break when their configs are not updated to latest standards.

If it is issue with Breaking Point mod you should ask on their forum/thread. Probably much faster to get specific help from people who develop/play the mod.

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I don't know if it's required by the mod you're trying to play but by any chance, do you have the RHS:AFRF mod loaded? It normally doesn't affect gameplay but this is an issue in that mod that's supposed to be fixed in the update later this month.



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