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Hi, I'm working on a mission that uses a taser mod but the taser doesn't actually taser the person it just does no damage. Is there a way to edit the config of the taser or mission file to actually make the person who gets hit by taser go unconscious for a few seconds before returning to a normal state.


To make the person go unconscious i want to use the "setUnconscious" script to do this something like:

_unit setUnconscious true;

sleep 10:

_unit setUnconscious false;


I tried this in the config but it makes the person holding the gun go unconscious:

class BulletBase;
class 26_taser: BulletBase
hit = player setUnconscious true;
indirectHit = 0;
indirectHitRange = 0;
cartridge = "FxCartridge_65_caseless";


visibleFire = 5;
I need the script to work in both multiplayer and singleplayer missions. 
thank you in advance.

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