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Task Force 21 : Special Operation Force - recruiting

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Website: http://tf21sof.com

Steam Group Page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TaskForce21SOF

About us

Task Force 21 (two-one) is a fictional International task force made up of some of the best Special Forces around the world and is mainly a tactical realism group, we put on the game face in game and try to make the operations as fun but realistic as we can This gives us scope for an unlimited base for which we can build missions without too much restriction, with that we do however have a template of settings and call signs that are to be used in each operation.

We play campaigns and also play as on standy by for short notice Ops which are generally made using MCC and Zeus. We encourage our members to be creative and if they have a good idea then we can make it happen. We operate in all conditions, snow, sleat, rain and the burning sun. On all terrains, flat, mountainous and jungles. We are Land, Sea and Air based.

Out of the game we are just a bunch of friends with a common interest. There are no conventional ranks, no power struggle or anything like that.

We haven’t lost touch of reality and are well aware that this is a game and that our members do have a life. We strive to create a welcoming environment for members and guests. Teamwork, Maturity, and Integrity combined with a Quality-over-Quantity mindset.



Selection is split into 3 phases..

Phase 1 – Basics: this will allow us to make sure you can fire a weapon accurately, move and know your Arma keybindings, have ace set up ok to use and we will also run through some basic drills and some typical exercises to ready you for the next phase.
Phase 2 – NAVEX: This will involve some training in map reading and navigation. How to use the stars and follow 8 digit map coordinates. You will then be put on an exercise to test what you have learned where observation and memory will also be tested.
Phase 3 – Evade and Escape: You will be fully briefed before doing this. It is the final stage of selection training and this is where you will pass or fail.


Once you have passed Selection you will be training with the rest of the task force members in Continuation Training. This involves the following:

  • Further Navigation Training
    • Jungle Navigation
    • Underwater Navigation
    • Desert Navigation
  • Patrol Skills Training:
    • movement
    • contact drills
    • emergency rendezvous skills
    • setting ambush skills
    • anti ambush skills
    • camouflage
  • Vehicle Training
  • Weapons and Explosives Training
  • Medical Training
  • Anti Terrorism Training
  • Hostage Rescue Training
  • CQC Training



The group uses a custom modpack that creates a more challenging, varied, and immersive experience. There are some basic requirements for those that want to apply,You must be willing and able to work with others & must be able to speak understandable english.

To become a member you must be at least 16 years of age. It’s easy to join all you need to do is fill out the application by click the button below. For more information feel free to hop on our Teamspeak server @

We also have a public server located at:


Port: 2312

It uses no mods and is up 24/7.


Our OP times are around 1900 GMT on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. We will be running training on a Tuesday and Thursday at 1900 GMT.

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We have run selection phase 2 for a few guys and a couple of operators have been on stand by for rapid deployment. A couple of pics below are from a recent mission.. 


Situation: Intel has been received at HQ via HUMINT that the local war lord on Altis has arranged a meeting with an unknown buyer for his weapons. It is to take place around 0700 and we need eyes on for evidence.


Mission: Two man CTR team to move into location and get eyes on from an OP. Heli insert via littlebird 1.5km West of target and move to OP. ERV to be agreed on ground, littlebird on stand by for extraction. 20 mins out. HQ need photographic evidence.


ROE: Engage only if fired upon. If over run, bug out to ERV and await extraction.









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