Hi all, I'm struggling with a problem of unrecognized path for custom texture. I put a paa file in mission directory (the one with mission.sqm) and I call my own texture for an helo with setObjectTextureGlobal in the init file of the helo. No problem in SP. All work fine! From my eden editor, I decided to publish on steam the mission (friend yeyes) then have a test. I open a LAN session for my 2 PCs , one hosting the scenario, one client, both subscribed for the mission.   I've an error message and I can't see the helo texture (no more texture on it in fact) because the path mpMission... paa is not found !   So my question is: How to make this custom texture visible in SP, MP, preview, hosted server, dedicated... in every cases!!!!   :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: