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[Code Snippet] - Grab all dropped gear into nearest vehicle

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Function which allow to grab all dropped gear into  nearest vehicle.

fnc_collector = {

	private [
		"_veh", "_holders", "_nearDead", "_droppedguns", "_droppedbags", "_eqweapons",
		 "_eqvests", "_eqbackpacks", "_eqitems", "_eqhelmets", "_mags", "_unnest",
		 "_remEmpty", "_weapons", "_vests", "_backpacks", "_items", "_guns", "_helmets",
		 "_stealedBags", "_torem"

	_veh =  nearestObject [player, "LandVehicle"];
	if (
		isNull _veh ||
		{(_veh distance player) > 50 ||
			{!(getNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _veh >> "hasDriver") isEqualTo 1)}
	) exitWith {hint "You need any land vehicle near to collect gear"};
	_holders = [];
	_nearDead = [];
	_droppedguns = [];
	_droppedbags = [];
	_eqweapons = [];
	_eqvests = [];
	_eqbackpacks = [];
	_eqitems = [];
	_eqhelmets = [];
	_mags = [];

	_unnest = {
		private ["_unnested", "_ignored"];       
		_ignored = ["ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch"];
		_unnested = [];                
				_unnested pushBack _x;
			} forEach _x;                
		} forEach _this;
		_unnested = _unnested - _ignored;        
	_remEmpty = {
		private ["_unnested", "_ignored"];           
		_ignored = [""];
		_unnested = _this - _ignored;
	{_holders pushBack _x} forEach (nearestObjects [player, ["WeaponHolder", "WeaponHolderSimulated", "GroundWeaponHolder"], 800]);
	{if ((_x distance player) <= 800) then {_nearDead pushBack _x}} forEach allDeadMen;
	if (_holders isEqualTo [] && _nearDead isEqualTo []) exitWith {hint "There is nothing to collect"};
		_droppedguns pushBack ((getWeaponCargo _x) select 0);
		if ((count (getBackpackCargo _x select 0)) == 1) then {
			_droppedbags pushBack ((getBackpackCargo _x) select 0);
	} forEach _holders;
		_eqweapons pushBack ((weapons _x) select 0);
		_eqvests pushBack (vest _x);
		_eqbackpacks pushBack (backpack _x);
		_eqitems pushBack (assignedItems _x);
		_eqhelmets pushBack (headgear _x);
	} forEach _nearDead;
	_weapons = _eqweapons call _remEmpty;
	_vests = _eqvests call _remEmpty;
	_backpacks = _eqbackpacks call _remEmpty;
	_items = _eqitems call _unnest;
	_guns = _droppedguns call _unnest;
	_helmets = _eqhelmets call _remEmpty;
	_stealedBags = _droppedbags call _unnest;
	{{_mags pushBack _x} forEach getArray (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _x >> "magazines")} forEach _guns;
	{_veh addItemCargoGlobal [_x,1]} forEach (_items + _helmets + _vests);
	{_veh addWeaponCargoGlobal [_x,1]} forEach (_weapons + _guns);
	{_veh addBackpackCargoGlobal [_x,1]} forEach (_backpacks + _stealedBags);
	{_veh addMagazineCargoGlobal [_x,3]} forEach _mags;

	_torem = _nearDead + _holders;
	{deleteVehicle _x} forEach _torem;
	hint format ["Dropped gear collected into nearest vehicle: %1", typeOf _veh];
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great bit of code this - was looking to write something similar but stumbled on this - good thing it is in your signature on the forums!!

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You might want to look into using count instead of forEach. That way you could improve the performance of this script instantaneously.

If the code inside the count-loop should needlessly return anything, just add a nil; at the end of the loop.


Additionally: Using the private keyword instead of private ["_abc","_xyz"]; saves up on additional execution time and thus performance.


Something that helped me a lot is this code optimisation guide.

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Thanks but I do some tests and its not that bad

there are the result:












172 holder objects
148 dead bodies

code execution time 62ms which is 0,062 s

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