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ACE3 - A collaborative merger between AGM, CSE, and ACE

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15 hours ago, drdetroit said:


Go to addon options, pull-down menu for ACE Medical.  You can adjust all the ACE medical settings there - including unconscious state of player and AI..

Yes, there is a AI Unconsciousness checkbox in the settings, but it does not work for player in my test, I still fall into unconsciousness when being hit.

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i have a question 
recently my group had the need to disable a bunch of vehicles without explosives normally a mag dump or remove the tires is the go which we did then i had a idea 
would it be possible to make by scripting or a companion mod if you have a defuse kit you can red out the fuel tank to simulate cutting fuel lines and if you have wirecutters red out the engine to simulate cutting engine parts

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