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[Co30+] LIMA Assault Force - Mini-campaign

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LIMA Assault Force

by nkenny
Version 1.03
Date 28.07.16

- Four Missions suitable for six to 32 players.
- Mini-Campaign with using Vanilla and Apex assets
- Two to three hours playtime per mission
- Headless Client support
- Playtested on dedicated servers
- None, or limited respawn. 
- ACE (optional)
- ACRE (optional)
- TFAR (optional)


Vanilla Flavour
This mission package features commando styled operations utilizing vanilla assets. The last couple of weeks saw the release of Apex, which broke some mods and added many new assets. Being without a mission to play on Tuesday, I made this small four mission campaign. The mission framework will dynamically detect the presence of mods and DLCs and equip soldiers apropriately. 
A prototype V-44X Blackfish flying over Altis developed engine trouble and was forced to dump its cargo and make an emergency landing at an improvised airfield. Hostile terrorists captured the crew, seized the airplane and have collected much of the cargo. We follow Task Force LIMAs response. 
These missions have randomised elements and feature a tactically challenging environment. As always communities are encouraged to de-pbo and adapt equipment, mods and gear to suit their own play styles. 


Contains 4 missions:
  Basics, a warmup area to explore weapons, tactics, and equipment.
  Operation Assault on 419
  Operation Burning Rubber
  Operation Taste of Cement
  Operation Ares Revoked
  Arma3 and Apex by Bohemia Interactive
  ACE, ACRE and TFAR by their teams
  House occupation script by Zenophon
  SHK Patrol script by Shuko
  Modified hostage rescue script by Sushi
  Nopryl.no for hosting, playtesting and being a great community
  Armaholic.com for hosting tons of wonderful missions and addons
  Alex2k for sound snippets, ideas and commentary

  The wonderful Arma3 editing and scripting community for countless script tips, tricks and whatnots. 

 Ken Mikkelsen

> Link 


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Congrats on the release. Looking forward to play this!

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