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AI trying to pick up weapon in water nonsense

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Hello, I still wonder how is the menu "action" generated for my team members and how is the order of options chosen. I still play the first ArmA 2 campaign Harvest Red just because I suddenly have a pc to run it well :) So I am not sure how much it has changed since then. I sincerely hope that a lot ;)

In Dogs of War mission it took a long time already and O'Hara was out of ammo. So I thought he will just pick up some AK from some recently killed CDKZ soldier of which there were several nearby. I went to an action menu and there was "pick up AKS, drop..." No other weapon choice was there, so I ordered him to do it. As usually he decided to walk around 300m somewhere away and to my amusement he got into a pool and began swimming! I am not sure if it was there already or he dropped it there, but in the center there was some equipment floating on water. He was still swimming around not seeming to ever finish that action whatever it should have been. I ordered him to get back and to my surprise he was stripped of all weapons! I also tried to swim into that pool but there was no way to pick up those floating items, so I am not sure what it was. We then headed back, I found a dead body few meters from our original location where I ordered him to pick up AKS and ordered him to stop and then action / gear. Got him an AK74 and ammo from that dead body. Why the heck couldn't I do that from an action menu and where was that AKS I don't have any clue :-] I have complained about similar nonsenses back in times of Operation Flashpoint but it seems nothing have changed...




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