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AAF Gorgon APC - Hidden Selections are Off

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FT Ticket: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T119594




I'm not entirely sure if this fits in this sub-forum but I've seen similar threads emerging here. I was casually re-texturing the AAF's Gorgon APC yesterday and noticed that some parts of the model are not covered by the hidden selections provided. On the left side is my version, on the right is the vanilla one with all four hidden selections set to "" via setObjectTexture. As one can see, there are a few things floating around. And while I don't mind things like the windows, missiles, or these tools attached on the side of the model not being open for re-texturing, especially the mirrors and door handles look a bit odd:












Is there a slight possibility of this being addressed like some other models were in the past? A huge thanks to the team in any case!

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Not yet. Will do that when I find the time.

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