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13th Marine Expeditionary Milsim/Realism Unit


Who are we?
The 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit is a United States Marine Corps Milsim/Realism unit for ArmA 3, which is based on 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit. The 13th Marine Expeditionary Realism Unit strives for a realistic/milsim environment. The 13th Marine Expeditionary Realism Unit has a Phase 1 and Phase 2 training, our training is based directly on the real life USMC training, only to be vastly scaled down and our training instructors have filtered it to be necessary to ArmA. We have ownership of a forums, and a Teamspeak server and an ArmA 3 server, as well as being firmly organised. We are currently looking for members to expand the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit, and strive to fill up our first Company.
What do we do?
All our recruits who join our unit, are welcomed to our Phase 1 and Phase 2 training taught by our Drill Instructors, and this training spans from FTX drills, to train our recruits to be ready for our operations as well as exercises in home rotations. In term of dates, our trainings and operations occur on a weekly basis, operation time occur from 2000EST to 2200EST on a Sunday and other training times vary. In terms of operations, once recruits have finished Phase 1 and Phase 2 trainings, they can attend our deployment operations which are set on different maps, and have a solid backstory for roleplay, and when deployments are not occurring, we have our FTXs or Field Training Exercises. We currently have Zeus mission operators that ensure the highest quality and realism of our missions in our deployments.
Why join us?
The 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit strives for the most realistic and  fun experience a player can have, we have very experienced members that have extensive knowledge on both ArmA realism units and the real life military and a friendly and diverse community. We believe if you enjoy a realistic milsim environment, an organised rank structure and command, as well as a thorough training and a U.S. Marine Corps themed realism unit, this is the place for you.
If you are interested in applying, make sure you meet the following requirements for joining.

  • Minimum Age Required: 17 years old(No Exceptions)
  • Must have a valid copy of ArmA 3 and a valid Player ID. An invalid or missing Player ID will result in your application not being processed.
  • Must have Teamspeak 3 and a working microphone.
  • Ability to attend Unit wide events, taking place on Saturday/Sundays at 2000 Eastern Time.   


Our Teamspeak: | Password: 13home


Our Websitehttp://13thmeurealismunit.net/index.php


Public Server Information

Server name: [OFFICIAL] 13th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit Public Server Server


Password: 13ahoy


-No Teamkilling

-No wasting of assets

-No Cheating or hacking

-Work as a team

-All players must be on Teamspeak

-Common Sense Required

-Have fun, meet our members, get a taster of what we do here


For information regarding mods for the server and other general information please use this link. - http://13thmeurealismunit.net/index.php?topic=1340.msg6950#msg6950
**Please feel free to come onto our teamspeak server or post something on our fourms if you have any questions or message me directly.  

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Original Post Updated:


Added Official 13th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit Public Server


Be sure to check out some of the features and a brief explanation of the public server a be sure to stop by and have fun with some of us on the Official 13th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit Public Server!


This server will be running a heavily modified version of the game mode Enemy assault. This mission will spawn an AO with objectives to complete. This is Configurable from 1 objective to 8 Objectives. Please try it out and give this map a go.


Description: This mission has you stationed at the air field awaiting orders. Enemy forces control most of the island and the water as well. Prepare for the tasks given and be ready for anything.



Random objectives at randomly chosen points

Random enemy reinforcements

Random patrols around the island and water

Random enemy in houses

Random enemy helo support

Call in your own AH-64, A-10, UAV, or UGV support

Most objectives are in buildings

Choose your enemy Russian - Forest, Russian - Arid, or Insurgents

Choose to fight in the capital city Only; will support up to 8 tasks

Choose how many objectives per location; 3-4 is advised Repair areas for all types of vehicles

Always different and always challenging Aircraft and ground vehicle spawner.

Squad leader class has the ability to call in Ammo drops and UH-60 for extraction.

JTAC class is able to call in A-10 and AH-64 support.

UAV Operator Class is able to call in UAV and UGV support.



This is only one of the several game modes to choose from!

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