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Two questions

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1. The flyInHeight script measures altitude above ground level; as a result, aircraft are constantly flying up and down when using this script on hilly/mountainous maps like Tanoa. I'm wondering if it's possible to have the flyInHeight script measure altitude above sea level instead? This would, of course, eliminate the issue and force aircraft to fly without constantly changing altitude for once.

2. The Arma 3 campaign – and several community scenarios, that I've noticed – use a script or something (I don't know what, but I assume it's a script) to make helicopters land quickly and smoothly. Examples are in the beginning of the campaign, when an MH-9 lands near Kerry, or in the Marksmen DLC showcase, when the PO-30 lands on two occasions to infil/exfil you, a Viper team sniper. How do I make helicopters land like this in a scenario I'm making?

Skip to 12:40 for an example of the helicopter landing I'm talking about.

Thanks in advance.

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