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Importing rigged model into o2

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Hi folks.


I'm working on my mod (fictional, somewhat sci-fi soldiers/faction) with will include a brand new uniform model created from the sample material as well containing some elements made from scratch. I want to make the new model fully compatible with vests and stuff from vanilla as well from other mods. Since something like 90% of the model is very much the same as the sample, I was able to use the "skin wrap" modifier in 3ds with lets you copy skin/rigging data from selected source mesh. This saved me LOADS of time, with I would need to spend on rigging the whole model.


However, how can I import the already rigged model into o2?


I got the model ready to export from 3ds Max 2014. Textures are done, I still need to do normal maps, but since I got all the source material it will be pretty quick.


When I finish my mod I'm planning on releasing all the source material files so others can freely use my work.


Please help.



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Use .fbx import/export (and make sure to include weights). If that doesn't work then it's because the dummy objects in max (that you get when you import the sample character) do not get counted as proper bones. If that's the case you need a skeleton with "real" bones that 3dsmax recognize. Toadie and Kiory both have released rigs for max.

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