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Game not utlizing as much ram compared to before ?

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i dunno whats happened but after the APEX update ive notice my game starts losing performance alot after an hour of playing or so!


i can happily play with 50-80FPS with my specs on medium / low but after apex im all on low because my FPS decides to jump around and stutter like hell!


my game usually uses around 1.1GB - 1.5GB's of ram but for some reason when i alt tab i see its only using around 500-700MB's ??? can someone help me out here and distinguishing the problem and fixing it ?


this problem especially becomes apparent in MP servers like wasteland / Altis life / KOTH



Intel i3 540 @ 3.07GHZ (can overclock to 3.5GHz but noticed nothing different in performance for arma after apex release)

4GB's Ram

Nvidia Geforce GTX650ti

Seagate 1TB (7200RPM)



All low settings

1100 draw distance

900 object render distance

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