Dear players.   Arma 3 Apex has been launched, localized into 10 languages. We strongly believe localization is of high quality, but however no amount of quality check can replace actual hands-on use of the game, so we would like to ask you, players and users to report any localization (translation) mistakes or errors you find. How? You can simply report us any localization bugs you encounter right here.   This forum thread is meant exactly for that - here you can post all localization bugs, alert us about possible issues, let us know if you find some not so good translation, cut off or missing texts, or anything else related to localization/translation issues of Arma 3 Apex (and of course Arma 3 in general). General localization/translation feedback is also welcome, of course.   How to report here in this topic? Please follow this simple template: 1) State the language version (Czech, German, Polish...) 2) Clearly state what is wrong 3) State where the issue is, how to locate it (reproduction steps) 4) Mention the wrong text (if any) 5) Mention the correct text or correct solution to the issue (what you suggest as the correct version) 6) Attach a screenshot clearly showing the bug (you can highlight it by coloured frame or underline it in red)   This forum is meant for reporting any localization issues, to make it easy for you, and also to receive some feedback from you. But please remember you can also always use Feedback Tracker, be that for localization or any other issues. Please do not report here any other bugs than those related to localization/translation.   Thank you very much!