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Addon folder (mod storage) issue

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With previous version (1.60) the mod storage allowed to path another HDD than the Arma one. I used to have Arma on (small) C\: SSD and a bunch of addons on E:\ HDD.

Since Apex, all Steam mods are considered as "corrupted" with 0 Kbyte.

I succeeded to reload local mods (non-steam) from E: in the watched folder, but Steam loaded remained corrupted even if i deleted them, unsubscribed the subscribed again.


The solution was to "restore default" the mod storage. Addons remained in the c:\..\steamApps\workshop\content\107410... folders of addons.


So my 2 cent question:

- why always modifying something working for a weird solution, probably untested in every config?

- how transfer the addons (several Gbytes) to the HDD and keep clean the SSD for Arma engine?


Thanks :rolleyes:

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