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Apex Life Foundation (Testers Required 14th of July)

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Dear Roleplayers,

I'm delighted to come on this forum and talk about our new series coming up. We will be implementing a new server to our network called Apex Life the reason we choice to call it apex than Tanoa is the fact Tanoa life has been used on almost all servers and we want to be unique as possible, and another reason we choose apex is because it sounds better :)


so without further ado why am i here?

well, i want to tell you more about the server and see how it will be adapted. our apex life server will be developed by our primary team of central development consisting of 7 qualified and trained developers bring in weekly updates and improvements to the server. with that being said the server will not be boring.

we will also bring in a lot of features, unique scripts and possibly adding what the player base wants. so keep up :)


our apex server will be linked with Altis life meaning all cash, vehicles, items will be linked with each other making the player base to be able to trade and create unique routes  to their accessibility. finding the best route guarantee a huge profit. for example gathering illegal weed and then travelling to Altis life will  make $5000 and on Tanoa, it will make $2500 (this is just an example)


why not become a tester on the 14th of July and be able to test and receive a gift for testing? to be able to test on the 14th of July you will be required to own DLC(Apex) and register on our forums. Also to be sure please put your name on this topic for an invitation email after the registration :)


Our Site: www.centralgamngv.com


See you on the server,

CGC Management Team~

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