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USS Iowa Takeover/Update

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Recently I've been getting some news that my old addon USS Iowa BB-61 isn't working with Arma 3 any more.  I would like to know if there is anyone out there who feels they have the experience to takeover or update the addon and make it work again. 


To answer the obvious question "Why don't you do it yourself?",  there are a few reasons.  First off, I'm simply too busy, I have study and games of my own to work on now and I cant find the time to go back to the arma modding scene.  Secondly, This mod was done at a time when I was dealing with some serious real life loss, working on this mod brings those memories back a little too strongly.  Thirdly, Getting this mod to work was such an ungainly, messy, hackjob of scripting that I don't really know how it works at all let alone what could be wrong with it. 


Anyway, If you are interested please respond in this topic or PM me. 




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