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arma3.cfg and -profiles=.

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Hi, please redirect if answered elsewhere. As part of my Steam launch options (along with -nolauncher -useBE to skip the launcher) I have added the parameter: -profiles=.


This lets me store my settings/profiles under the Arma 3\Users game subfolder. Why I want to do this is irrelevant to this topic; my problem after doing this is as follows:


The game does not seem to properly save its graphics options, and I cannot see any arma3.cfg file was modified after launching the game with the parameter shown above.

I also cannot see ANY arma3.cfg file in the Arma 3 folder, or any subfolder under that. I do see arma3.cfg in my old Documents\Arma 3 folder, but this file is not modified with latest changes (nor should it be).

Perhaps part of the issue might be Arma 3 lacks write access to the arma3.cfg location? I find this hard to believe, however, as the game created the Arma 3\Users subfolder on its own without my help/interaction.


So, to repeat the question: Is there an issue with the game not saving its graphics options to arma3.cfg when using the -profiles parameter? And in which location is arma3.cfg stored in this case? Thanks for the help.


PS: Be careful with Steam launch options and referring to non-ascii folder names, as Steam does not seem to support such characters. For instance, I cannot input Æ Ø or Å characters (and possibly many more).

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