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Drug Cooking Script Help

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Okay so I've been working on a script for cooking drugs... yeah...


Meth specifically actually. I'm becoming a little more skilled with scripting but I'm having trouble with one thing I can't quite wrap my head around. 


The script works mostly correctly, but when I try to stop the script from running in the else statement, I'm not having luck. I'm actually quite confused because it worked a few times, but then when I restarted my game it stopped working. I'm thinking I must have accidentally unsaved it or something.


private ["_building","_stove","_chemicals","_chemicalsUsed","_meth","_smoke","_cooking"];

_building = nearestObject [player, "house"];
_stove = nearestObject [player,"CUP_Kitchenstove_Elec"];
_storage = nearestObject [_stove,"Box_NATO_AmmoVeh_F"];
_chemicals = nearestObject [_stove, "Land_MetalBarrel_F"];
_meth = "arifle_Mk20_F";
_cooking = _stove getVariable "_cooking";
//* _smoke = "";

if (_stove distance _building <= 8) then

if (_stove distance _chemicals <= 8) then {

if (_cooking < 1) then {

//* _smoke createVehicle (position _stove);
Hint "Meth is cooking";
_stove setVariable ["_cooking", 1, true];

sleep 60;

Hint "Meth has been cooked";
//* deletevehicle nearestObject [_stove, _smoke];
_storage addWeaponcargo [_meth,10];
deleteVehicle _chemicals;
_stove setVariable ["_cooking", 0, true];

} else {
Hint "Meth is already cooking!"

else {
Hint "You need to have chemicals and a stove in a building to cook meth!"

What I'm confused about is setting up "_cooking" as boolean... I've tried a few methods. Also it's worthy to be noted that I have this in my init.sqf:

_stove = nearestObject [player,"CUP_Kitchenstove_Elec"];
_stove setVariable ["_cooking", 0, true]; 

I don't plan on keeping this as my init.sqf I plan on moving it to an eventhandler init, where I will also give the stoves an addaction to execute this script. I'm pretty confused on how to set _cooking as a default 0 or false and then it would be changed accordingly during the script.

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You probably shouldn't call the variable "_cooking", since that's very easy to confuse with a local variable.  You can also set it directly to true/false.


this setVariable["hay_stoveCooking", false, true];
this addAction["Cook Meth","meth.sqf", [], 0, true, false, "", "(count nearestObjects [_target, ['House'], 8] > 0) && (count nearestObjects [_target, ['Land_MetalBarrel_F'], 8] > 0) && !(_target getVariable 'hay_stoveCooking')"];


params["_object", "_caller", "id", "_args"];
_args params[
	["_cooktime", 60],
	["_batchsize", 10]

_storage = nearestObject [_object,"Box_NATO_AmmoVeh_F"];
_chemicals = nearestObject [_object, "Land_MetalBarrel_F"];
_meth = "arifle_Mk20_F";

_object setVariable ["hay_stoveCooking", true, true];

Hint "Meth is cooking";
sleep _cooktime;
hint "Meth has been cooked";

_storage addWeaponcargo [_meth, _batchsize];
deleteVehicle _chemicals;

_object setVariable ["hay_stoveCooking", false, true];

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