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[SP] Base of the Day (Remake)

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Base of the Day (Remake)

By HelloCam3

Mission built using Arma 2: Combined Operations v1.63.131129



Lead a small Force Recon unit tasked with eliminating a high-ranking insurgent commander located at a small camp in northern Chernarus.



  • Uses Zipper5's custom field dressing script from Blood on the Sand



Version 2.0:

- Redesigned mission structure

- Removed optional checkpoint objective
- Removed patrols before reaching the camp
- Redesigned insurgent camp
- Moved starting location closer to the camp
- Tweaked helicopter extraction

- Removed Reaper team

- De-identified the player and the team members
- Removed all elements of SQS and replaced them with SQF
- Rewritten briefing

- Mission is written to tie in with the Russian invasion during the events of Harvest Red


Version 1.1:

-Made Reaper Team join you when you call for help.
-Changed it so you get into the extraction chopper.
-Added a optional objective "Checkpoint".
-Tweaked briefing e.g. added marker locations.


Version 1.0:

- Initial release





The file contains two missions: the original Base of the Day mission (SP_BaseOfTheDay(v1%2e1).chernarus.pbo) and a remade version, (hc3_BaseoftheDay_Remake.Chernarus.pbo). The former is included as a comparison piece for my work when I started making missions, to my work now. The goal was to take one of my early missions and remake it using the skills and techniques I have acquired over the years. This mission was not originally intended to be released as I viewed this as practice, but I was very happy with the outcome and wanted to release it to the community.

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This is a fun little mission. I did not get to use the Bayonet weapon, but I had quite some fun with the whole mission and did not spot any bugs.

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