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Hello this is Col. AvengedCanadian of Strike Group 10 here announcing that we are now recruiting members to the unit! Strike Group 10 is a Mil-Sim unit based in ArmA 3, Strike Group 10 consists of the US Navy and The USMC. Here at Strike Group 10 we have a age limit of 16. The USN Part of the unit flys FA-18E Super Hornets and FA-18F Super Hornets off of the USS Nimitz to provide support for ground troops as well as to maintain air superiority, In the near future the USN part of the unit will also be flying E-2A Hawkeyes as well. Under the USMC part of the unit we have Infantry roles as well as Heavy Armour, Light Armour, and SOAR (Helicopers). Our Infantry roles range from a simple rifleman to a AA Specialist. The heavy armour we have are M1A1FEP Abrams. Our light armour consists of LAV-25's. For SOAR we have AH-1Z Vipers, UH-1Y Venom Gunships, UH-1Y's in a transport configuration, MV-22 Osprey VTOL's, and CH-53E Super Stallions. Here at Strike Group 10 we have a age limit of 16. Strike Group 10's training times are based around Atlantic Standard time GMT-4, we are an international group how ever the preferred language is english. If you are interested in joining Strike Group 10 you can contact us on our teamspeak at or on our website at http://strikegroup10.enjin.com/home

Thanks for your time and consideration,


Sincerely AvengedCanadian

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