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Need a volunteer to complete my .p3d

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I was going to add a model to Arma 3 for a script I'm working on and after a few minutes of researching I realized this is way over my head and I just don't have the time to learn how to do this. 


I have a .p3d file that I made from a .obj file but that's as far as I got. It's a very simple model, no animation, basically a simple grappling hook. I would gladly share this with the community if someone could make this a finished .p3d file for me. 


Thanks for looking and I hope someone can help me out. 





Source file:

http://jinker.org/arma/models/j_grapple.zip (12.2kb, includes .p3d and .obj)



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Hi there!
What is it you need it to do?
If you just need it to get in-game so you can place it with the editor, I can help you with that :-)
I've made a .p3d for you, with the different LOD's for geometry, physix, shadows and memory. 
I dont know why, but I cant get collision with persons working, but collision with bullets or vehicles work.  I had to import it to blender for me to use the .obj, files are in the rar you can find here:




I included the mod-folder I used when I checked it working ingame.

Hope that helps

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