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Some help with pursuit script?

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I am by far not a scripting guru.  If someone would be so kind to help me create a script I need for a mission.  I simply want to be able to have opfor squads try to track and chase down a bluefor squad on foot.  I have tried a couple of scripts I found here but I think that they were written for OA.  Unfortunately they are generating errors and/or not working properly.  Can one of you guys who are much better at this write a simple script that I can use to make that happen?  It is a situation kind of like the movie "Tears of the Sun" where a larger unit is tracking and pursuing the smaller unit all across the map.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Fn_Pursuit = {
	private _sqh = _this select 0;
	private _sqv = _this select 1;
	while {{alive _x} count units _sqh > 0 and {{alive _x} count units _sqv > 0}} do {
		if (alive leader _sqh and alive leader _sqv) then {
			_sqh move (getPos leader _sqv)};
		sleep 10;
	systemChat "Exit";

[_pursuer_group, _pursued_group] spawn Fn_Pursuit;

UPD: Fixed bugs


Mission: Pursuit.Altis

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