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Since my last question regarding HUD visibility in land vehicles got positive answer I decided to give it a go and laid down a basic HUD config and tried it out.

With a little trial and error I got it to show up and got it set up so that it is on the helmet and not on a screen. After the initial success I noticed that out of the 3 men crew only 2 see the HUD. The driver and the commander see it, but the gunner does not. For starters I thought this to be a gunner issue (which it still might be) but just now I realized that the commander is a gunner too and the HUD is visible when on that seat.

And now im asking here if anyone has an idea what could cause the gunner to lose the HUD, but the driver and commander (another gunner) sees it.

Both the gunner and the commander have pretty much the same config, except for weapons and primaryObserver and primaryGunner attributes.



When I wrote the last sentence about the differences I realized I had not tried switching the primaryGunner attribute around. The "commander" is both primary observer and primary gunner due to the seat being the commander seat and it having missile weapons that require proxies to  show up (show only on primary gunner) and it seems that the HUD also is tied to the primaryGunner position.

Issue kinda solved itself, except if someone knows how to get HUD to show for other than primaryGunner and driver views.

This might lead to losing the commander seat altogether, but that might be the simplest solution and something I have been considering for the particular vehicle.

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