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Inagural Mudspike CO-OP Event: July 2nd

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Greetings all,


Mudspike.com is hosting its inaugural Arma 3 event July 2nd (1700 UTC)! We will be hosting a massively coordinated coop mission on Altis. All the info you need can be found at:




We welcome players of all skill levels and experience. Even if this is your first Arma outing we have a spot for you.


Please sign up for a spot prior to July 1st. More spots may be made available if needed. Any questions about the event can be addressed here or at mudspike.com


Hope to see you all in the field!



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Slots are filling up! It shaping up to be a fun op. Again, no experience is required. Here is a sneak peak of the mission:




Task Force Mitchell, consisting of the 27th MEU and elements of the 2nd Battalion, 161st Parachute Infantry Regiment are conducting an amphibious invasion of southern Altis. Marine forces are spearheading the invasion, landing along the southern coast near Feres, and then assaulting north to destroy SLA forces present in the area. The Task Force commander has decided to use the Airborne to seize key terrain north of the main invasion to interdict and stop any counter attacks from Soviet forces farther to the north.


Your battalion has been tasked with seizing a key mountainous ridge running east to west along the length of the island. Your platoon (Echo 2), has will seize the town of Chalkeia (Objective Columbus), to deny the enemy use of MSR Ohio, and establish an airhead for further reinforcements. Once Columbus has seized, your platoon will move two kilometers north and establish defensive positions around the town of Dorida (Objective Toledo). Once Toledo is secured, you will defend until friendly forces are able to effect a link up.





Hope to see you guys out there, should be lots of fun!



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