TL;DR: A new web-based RCON tool that allows you to maintain a persistent connection to your server. Tracks players and admins so you can watch your community and staff. Free 7 day trials. Many features to come.   Hello everyone,   The RCON tools available for ArmA are usually free desktop clients that give you some ability to run/monitor your server, but are often limited in what they can do and where you can take them. BattleMetrics is here to solve that problem. Our system maintains a constant RCON connection to your server, saving player information, chat logs, and administration logs so that you don't have to go scrounging when you want to find out what happened on your server while you were away.   Here are a few of our key features:   Proxy & VAC Ban Detection We automatically detect if a player is using a Proxy or has a VAC ban and display an icon next to their name to let you know. Additionally, we color the name in red so you can easily spot them from the dashboard. See below:   Steam Family Share Detection We detect if a player is using Steam Family Share. Our data suggests that 52% of those with Steam Family Share have a VAC, EAC, or BattlEye ban associated with their account. We recommend removing these players from your communities and our tool can help you do that automatically.   Steam ID < - > GUID Conversion We automatically reverse GUIDs into steam IDs and vice versa so that you can easily find a person's steam profile.   Triggers We allow you to automate routine tasks such as auto-banning players with VAC Bans/VPNs, send messages to new players, automatically reply to users who request "!info", etc.   Common triggers include: Auto-ban people who violate certain script restrictions Auto-kick for VPNs Auto-ban those with VAC bans Auto-ban Steam Family Share Accounts Respond to player messages (i.e. !info or !admins) Kick for name violations Reserve an administrator name And more!   Ban Lists Create and share ban lists with other communities to reduce the number of problem players joining your servers.  Limit the permissions of those you invite to your ban lists: you have full control over what other communities do with your list. Opt-out and create exemptions for bans on a list so that you don't have to be bound by every decision on a shared ban list. Quickly ban players with pre-populated ban templates. Upon kicking for a ban, automatically add new identifiers to existing bans to reduce ban evasion.   Scheduler Send messages to the server on a customizable schedule. Automate your broadcasts by the minute, hour, day, or month (both by date and day of week). Pick the type of schedule that works for you. We provide three templates: Simple, Warning, and Advanced.     Staff Permissions & Security There's no need to hand out passwords to your staff anymore. In addition, you can limit what they can do. New staff member that you don't quite trust? Give them permission to issue bans up to 3 days long or whatever you want. We've made permissions and staff roles fully customizable.       Player Logs We track players based on name, IP, and GUID. We cross-reference these identifiers against other players in our database. When you go to view a player profile, you can see if they've joined under a different name, IP, etc. You'll also get to see what other servers we've seen that player on before. On the server information screen, we flag first-time players with a star next to their name.   The player profile will also show if that player has ever been kicked or banned from the server before, easily allowing you to keep up with repeat offenders.   Ban Syncing We allow you to group your servers into organizations and then issue organization-wide bans. The bans are in our system so that they don't bloat your bans.txt file. You can store more information, detailed notes, and prevent a player from joining any of your servers at the click of a button. No more batch scripts or SQL database complexity. We also support importing and exporting ban lists so that you can have backups if need be.   Chat Notifications Receive an alert any time a user-defined condition is fulfilled (i.e. typing !admin in chat).     Administration Log See a detailed history of what your staff has been up to. It has never been easier to see if your staff are using their powers responsibly.   Mobile Since this is a web-based RCON tool, you can access and administer your server from anywhere.     Dashboard- View Multiple Servers At Once We allow you to view all of your RCON-connected servers at once from our dashboard. You can issue most server commands and send messages to all your servers at once. You'll no longer need to keep multiple windows open to keep track of your server network.   Reverse DNS We reverse the DNS of any IP available to us so you can more easily see if the traffic coming into your server is residential or something more sinister.       Let us know what you think about this tool in the thread below, or send us an email at   I hope you all find this tool helpful and good luck with your servers!   Hordicus BattleMetrics Team   TL;DR    A new web-based RCON tool that allows you to maintain a persistent connection to your server. Tracks players and admins so you can watch your community and staff. Free 7 day trials. Many features to come.   EDIT: Updated to reflect VAC Ban detection and GUID -> SteamID Conversion   EDIT 2: Updated to reflect addition of Proxy detection   EDIT 3: Added chat notifications.   EDIT 4: Included more screenshots. Updated to reflect new Trigger features and Free Trials   EDIT 5: Updated to reflect the new chat trigger system. Added BattlEye script restriction based banning.   I have included a screenshot of the dashboard below. Follow the link above for more!