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[MP]MACE: Multiplayer Combat Engine[TVT][A&S][A&D]

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If you are looking for a project where communication, cooperation and coordination counts then the MACE PVP/TVT is for you!

Stand in front of another player and defeat him in a virtual battle.


This was first concieved as a mission within ArmA2 and has been developed and improved by the MACE/Total War community within ARMA3.

The MACE engine is a modded version of the Zdrob Engine by eRazer, and is a platform upon which players can create any battlefield environment within ArmA3.

Specifically for multiplayer team games - PvP/TvT, the MACE engine provides a scalable battlespace from infantry only, to full combined
arms with support units, armored vehicles and aircraft.

Zdrob Engine Inside

The mission is powered by the Zdrob engine, created by its author eRazer, using his extensive experience of sqf scripting and he has over 4000+hrs within ARMA3
mostly editing/scripting missions. This has been developed over the last 3 years with the ideas and feedback of the community (initially PAC / 9GU) and has now
evolved into the Zdrob engine (Zengin) which is a framework/tool to build multi-player PvP/TvT missions.

Dynamic Mission Framework

The dynamic nature of the mission allows great variety with every mission. Its does this through customisable mission parameters and tools.

The server administrator can choose predefined (map dependant) or "dynamic locations", with up-to 10 dynamic/moveable sectors, each with their own unique size.

As the server fills with players, the dynamic roles and deployment systems of the mission, adapt automatically according to the No. of players on the server.
This allows the mission to automatically change from, small scale infantry combat to large scale, combined arms battle, without restarting the mission.


The MACE project is a community of international communities, large/small and individuals players.

We are an OPEN community of serious, hardcore, PVP players, who like a challenge.

We are activley looking for other like minded players, groups or communites for participation in our organised battles and practice sessions.

Game Modes

There are a selection of game modes:
AAS : Advance and Secure
A&D : Attack and Defend
KOTH : 1 Sector Control
Search and Destroy (in development)
Using these tools, you can safely say that, playing the same twice mission is almost impossible.

Check more info on http://www.arma-mace.com
For more info join our Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/armaprmace


MACE Discord


MACE Twitter : @Arma3Mace

Cheers, MACE HQ


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