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'Say' Audio Bugs

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I'm having a couple of issues with the 'say' command


First is that if I have a 'say' command using code like this

while {true} do {
    invis6 say "music2";
    sleep 290;

and it restarts while I am in virtual arsenal, then it will become like 'playsound' and stuck on for the rest of the mission, or maybe until it restarts outside of VA. However it only seems to occur for distant objects, at least not in the same building. A similar issue also occurs when trying to do a cutscene i.e.

_camera = "camera" camcreate [0,0,0];
_camera cameraeffect ["internal", "back"];

all of the 'say' sounds will become like 'playsound' and stuck for the rest of the misison. Additionally, if I have a character that is talking to the player using 'say', the lines will become very choppy and skip parts.


For some sounds in VA and cutscene the sound does not even need to restart, it will just start playing like 'playsound' instantly. 



Second issue is lip animation with say command. Problem is  the lip animation is only working for the player character. I setup a test mission with a playable character opposite the player character and if I switch while the player is talking the lip animation for the player stops. If you switch back to the player the lip animation starts working again for the player. If you try the same line on a character other than player the lip animation does not work. 

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