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Feature request: drop off limitation for units


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  1. 1. Should the eject/get out option be limited to opened doors and ramps?

    • Yes please, for the sake of realism.
    • No, I like the way it is.

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Hello developers and community,

I always found it stupid that it is possible to jump off of a chopper or a plane through the closed door or ramp.

My suggestion reaches from useable vehicle doors to drop off limitations.

We have following different types of infantry/vehicle air transportations:

Caesar BTT - 2x liftable side doors
CH-49 Mohawk - 2x slide doors and 1x ramp
CH-67 Huron - 2x liftable doors and 1x ramp
M-900 - optional doors
Mi-290 Taru (Medical) - 1x slide door and 1x ramp
Mi-290 Taru (Transport) - 2x slide doors and 1x ramp
Mi-48 Kajman - 2x slide doors
PO-30 Orca - 2x slide doors
UH-80 Ghost Hawk - 2x slide doors
V-44 X Blackfish - 1x ramp
WY-55 Hellcat - 2x slide doors
Y-32 Xi'an - 2x liftable side doors and 1x ramp

And then we have all kind of ground vehicles too but I only wanted to primary concentrate on aircrafts.

Nearly all aircrafts in Arma 3 have their own unused door animations (except ramps and some plane doors). 

My idea is as followed:

1. sitting in a flying chopper/plane with other players/NPC in the transportation area (on the passenger seats)
- you and the other player/NPC can't just jump off if you/they want - no option available
2. you have to open the doors first (chooseable if slide doors or ramp)
3. after the door/ramp has opened only now everyone has the option to eject/get out off the aircraft

From my point of view this little step will increase the enjoyable realism and I think it won't be so hard to implement (with some kind of trigger for the eject/get out action).

Feel free to discuss and/or use the poll function.

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It could also be possible for the ramp to open automatically once someone tries to enter or exit the aircraft. That would at least keep the functionality without having to confuse people with why they can't get in or out. As long as it doesn't close automatically afterwards, as that would lead to a silly loop of opening and closing once a lot of people get in or out.

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Yes automatically opening a door/ramp when ejecting (but also having to wait until the animation is complete) would be nice

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I voted no.  Limitations should be user script driven.  Options should be engine driven.  Let the engine make you able to open or close doors.  Let the players decide to allow that or require that as needed per mission.  As long as the engine gives us enough control over things we're good.


Same deal with the Apex transport vehicle ramps.  The engine should allow the ramps to be opened.  The players should decide if that's required.

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