Got bored on the train to work this morning, so here is 4 PBO's each config'd to give Tanoa a new sea level height. I'll update this evening with pictures and more info. In the mean time:   Low Tide - Water is lowered exposing sand bars between islands and coastlines. No Water - Water is removed allowing exploration of ocean floor. Flooded - Water level high to cover some coastline towns and villages but not over mountains/ hills. Underwater - The whole island except a few hill/ mountain peaks is underwater.    Place whichever PBO you need into the addons folder and move the current PBO back to optional folder. Make sure only one PBO in addons folder at a time, otherwise you may not end up with the sea level you require.     Mega:!KE92kTTb!LqXMMmTFxXgyzxQhgdE1V_AgUmO4bmXsKHIlDUqzAwM   Steam Workshop:   Any feedback on the water levels welcome.