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bis_fnc_taskcreate with the new tasks overhaul?

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So I've just had a shot at using the bis_fnc_taskcreate function, I'm not too good at the syntax or understanding where each parameter fits in but as far as I'm aware, this is it here

[west,["task3"],["description", "title", "marker"],"blacksuv",true,5,true,"MOVE",false] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate


Now what I'm confused about is how the little 3d marker works with this function, especially with the new tasks overhaul. I'd like the task to have a little "move" waypoint, instead of the default teardrop symbol, although I've tried using a number of things and it leads me to think I'm mucking up the syntax, or am unsure of whether to use the cfgtasktype from the tasks overhaul, or the old one. 


I couldn't find any other examples of bis_fnc_taskcreate that show off different types of objectives.


Thanks for the help.



I'm an idiot hahaha, the icon for "MOVE" is the same as the default icon with the new task overhaul. my mistake.

Fixed it up with 

[west,["task3"],["description", "title", "marker"],"blacksuv",true,5,true,"RUN",false] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate

Not sure how to delete the post, Sorry 

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