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Hi guys,



I need to make a moving 3D sound for a Jet.


- The sound needs to be played global

- Attached to a high speed vehicle

- Sound needs to be played in 3D

- Needs to be repeated after it is finished


How can i achieve this?


I tried different commands like "say3D" and "playSound3D", but it seems that these positions are not dynamic..



Thanks for any help!

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say3D is actually dynamic. If something is using say3D, it emits from the object you specify, and stops once the object is "dead". You have to make sure your sound is added to the sound config in order to play it. As for looping, I honestly do not know. In my own mission I had a bar that was playing the star wars cantina music, and I just had it on a while-type loop repeating every time the song was over, which was when I had it clipped to like 29.678 seconds or something like that.

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