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[SP] On The Hunt

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The year is 2035. Tensions are on the rise between NATO and CSAT. CSAT has deployed a WMD onto Stratis and taken an Informant hostage. Will you be able to stop them? 




-High quality voice acting 


-Incredibly detailed and immersive world 

-Multiple, diverse objectives 

-Challenging difficulty 

-Custom sound effects 

-Player's choice of gear 


-2+ hours of gameplay 



No addons, mods or DLC required! 



Kylania - Technical help and advice (special thanks) 

Kalom - Testing 

BrutusDestroyer - Testing 

Iceman77 - Flip vehicle script 

Users at BI Forums and Youtubers who make Arma 3 editor videos 


Voice Actors: 

Foley - TheMirrorsEnd 

Informant - sic-disaster 

Foreigner - Kalom 

Team Foxtrot Leader - DEL-J


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It was a really good mission, really enjoyed playing it, i also commented on your workshop for suggestions!

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