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Arma 2 OA and Arma 3 Uncommon error crashing my games, help

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Both my Arma 2 OA and Arma 3 games don't work at all anymore, with or without mods. I don't understand why but it's not anything simple, something to do with my computer I think. Bohemia support was less helpful than expected and I didn't even expect them to help.
So when I start either Arma 2 OA or Arma 3, it gives a pop up error. I can't screenshot it but it looks like this
TrackIR Enhanced interface activation: arma3.exe - Application Error
The exception unknown software exception (0x0eedfade)
occurred in the application at location 0x000000000752CDAE8.
Then I click OK and I get the crash report with Exit Code: 0xC000041D - STATUS_FATAL_USER_CALLBACK_EXCEPTION
If you can help me in any way please do, i'm pretty stuck. Thanks
I can't find where to attach a crash report and it won't let me copy and paste it so if you need more information then let me know.

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